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Medical Transcription Services

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Start saving time with medical transcription services from 2Scribe.

High Quality - Low Cost Transcription
When your transcription is delivered accurately, quickly, and efficiently, it can:
- Give you time to see more patients per week,
- Reduce time spent reviewing and signing reports,
- Decrease time spent identifying, tracking, and managing
spacermedical reports.

Speech is Fast
Speech is the most efficient and portable data entry tool you possess.
- Entering data on a keyboard or touch screen takes time
spacerthat could otherwise be spent on patient care
- Template based charting does not often provide enough detail
- Automated systems lose the subtle nuances

Traditional Transcription
Perfect for practices that want a high-touch level of service, and do not want to be bothered with any of the details. 2Scribe provides all of the software, professional staff, and quality assurance protocol to deliver your records according to your requirements. You determine the turnaround time, and we make it happen.

Trust 2Scribe
2Scribe has been serving healthcare providers since 2001. 2Scribe has risen to the challenge of leveraging the Internet while maintaining HIPAA compliance.

2Scribe's guarantee
2Scribe stresses quality above all else when transcribing medical dictations. 2Scribe guarantees the accuracy of its transcription. If a transcription is not accurate, 2Scribe will complete the transcription to your satisfaction at no cost.

How does 2Scribe Work?
Working with 2Scribe is easy. Here is 2Scribe's setup process:

1. Submit the WEB-BASED QUOTE FORM or go to the Contact 2Scribe page for more contact options.
2. 2Scribe will call you and conduct a quick needs analysis to identify the services you will require and your pricing.
3. We will work together to quickly design a program that meets your needs.
4. 2Scribe will collect samples of your work and letterhead.
5. 2Scribe will program its dictation platform to match your dictation and medical records workflow needs.
6. 2Scribe will train your dictators and staff in:

a. using the handheld recorders or telephone,
b. receiving, editing, printing, and managing

7. You can now begin dictation.

2Scribe provides medical transcription and electronic medical records management services to hospitals, clinics, doctors and other companies and organizations throughout the United States, with clients located in cities such as Boston, Massachusetts; Milwaukee, Wisconsin; Chicago, Illinois; Cincinnati, Ohio; Detroit, Michigan, Covington, Louisiana; Houston, Texas and Los Angeles, California.

Learn how 2Scribe can start lowering your transcription costs today!

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• 24/7 record access via an Internet based medical record repository

• Flexible voice input methods including handhelds and telephones

Electronic signatures via the Internet.

• Uncomplicated and rapid integrations with your electronic medical records system (EMR)

• HIPAA compliant platform for file transfer

Experienced transcriptionists

• 65-character (AAMT) pricing (and other cross-linking to occur where applicable)

• Guaranteed Accuracy

• Customized turnaround times to meet your requirements

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